A Multi-Dimensional Augmented Reality Novel

POSTED IN Portfolio | TAGS : , , May 19 2015

“When you combine science and technology with art a magical wonder is created”, these are the words of artist Esther Bertram. She was the one who wanted to adapt Augmented technology to the book she had written. A modern way of Story Telling. All chapters of the book contain Augmented Reality content through which the reader can explore another dimension of the story. The reader can witness the world of November Fox. Next to video material several other interactive elements are added. The reader can e.g. listen to music especially written for this specific book or link to things, people and places mentioned in the story. As well as Social Forums where readers can chat if they wish and also connect with the characters. The book gives a fully immersive reader experience.



Watch the video to see the ‘extra dimensions’ in the book



Click to enlarge and scan the image with the Layar app. The best experience is reached when the images are printed.



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