Annual report boring? take a look at this one

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Every year the large companies release an annual report. We have seen them in all forms and shapes. Both digital as well as printed versions. AkzoNobel took it even a step further and added AR technology to their already beautifully designed annual report. By using the Layar technique the report really comes to live. For example, the reader is addressed by the CEO of AkzoNobel when opening the report. Next to that there are several videos available to create an even bigger engagement towards AkzoNobel and her activities. Not only the annual report is provided with the Layar technology but also the accompanying compostable and recyclable paper cup contains video material. AkzoNobel is showing they are not only innovative in their own work field but also know how to surprise fellow human beings in different ways.



Watch the video with various AR elements in the Akzo Annual Report


Watch the video of the AR application on the ‘cold drinks’ paper cup


Click at the images to enlarge and scan with the Layar app.


Watch the explanation of the CEO


Cities should be more colorful



Check out the new color on your wall


Urban design should take the climate into account



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