Book launch of Jonas Jonasson

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Publisher ‘Signatuur’ is launching the new book of Jonas Jonasson ‘the eccentric adventures of the genius bomb girl’. The follow up of the successful book ‘the hundred-year old men who climbed out of the window and disappeared’ was introduced in an unconventional way. Limebizz developed  a game, to support the book launch of the new roman by Jonas Jonasson, in which the user can experience the adventures of the bomb girl by itself. When scanning the cover the game can be started. When achieving a positive result at the end it is possible to send in your details and have a chance to win a price. Of course, social media is used in the campaign as well. The users can easily place a message on Facebook or tweet their results. Afterwards the winner is announced via the cover.


Click on the picture of the cover to enlarge and scan with the Layar app.

Play the game of the bomb girl!

Jonas Jonasson boek


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