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Once again the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will take place. As part of the Brainport Region Eindhoven there is a lot to experience in Helmond, e.g. the Hotspot High Tech Helmond. Prior to the DTW visitors of the city center have the availability to already experience High Tech Helmond through a real time and an Augmented Reality (virtual) exploration in the center. Throughout the city center you can find 8 pictures which can be scanned with the Junaio app. Participants will receive information about the three worlds of the Hotspot High Tech Helmond through this app. Found all the pictures? You may win an unique price:  a ‘once in your lifetime experience’ when participating in this virtual exploration. Already curious about the price? Start searching the city centrum of Helmond from the 14th of May and join us at the Hotspot High Tech Helmond on the 6th of June for the last picture.


Click on the images to enlarge. Scan them with the Junaio app.

Afbeelding 1


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