Gilde has chosen to use Layar in their brochures

POSTED IN Portfolio December 8 2014

Training institute Gilde Opleidingen has decided to take their information brochures up to a whole new level. To get their future students enthusiastic about their programs Gilde Opleidingen has chosen to use Layar in their brochures. The brochures contain information about four different programs such as Economy, Healthcare, Hospitality & Wellness and Technics. Via Layar you can view interviews with students from the four different programs sharing their experiences and explaining the possibilities the programs have to offer. Besides the interviews and extra information the brochure contains links to the Gilde Opleidingen Facebook page and website. It is even possible for the future students to subscribe immediately.

Scan images with layar to see an impression

Economie hospitality&wellness Techniek Zorg&Welzijn

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