Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an advanced technology which can display a digitally enriched image of the real world. It brings extra content to your daily activities. With the camera and sensors from your Smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, pictures, sounds – to the things that surround us.

From discovering a new city with useful tips to unlocking additional content pages of a magazine, the possibilities with AR are limitless. AR makes it easy to add digital experience on a large scale to, for example magazines, advertisements, packaging and business cards. 

  • Stroll through a new city with easy tips to discover even more
  • Watch videos play on an advertisement in a magazine or on a poster
  • Packages of food come alive with links to related recipes
  • Buy items directly by scanning your favorite magazine or catalog
  • Share an interesting article that you read with your friends via social media
  • Scan the inside of your car for an interactive manual
  • Create non-skilled maintenance workflows


Technology platforms

There are a lot of technologies in the market to provide an AR experience. Limebizz has extensive experience in the best performing AR technologies available. Depending on your situation our experts will recommend the technology platform that suits best to meet your desired goals.


Layar is a world market leader in augmented reality and interactive print. (Download the Facts & Figures of Layar here). Publishers and advertisers can enhance their printed materials with tailor-made digital experiences – all without having to install software



Click the Layar logo to visit the website.

Layar is one of the ’40 dutch solutions with global impact’. Watch the video.(source:TEDxBinnenhof)

More than 98,000 publishers are currently using the SaaS product, Layar Creator. As a market leader for mobile AR applications, the Layar app has been downloaded more than 40 million times for iOS and Android.

Download the app for your specific Smartphone or tablet by clicking on the logo below.