Opening game promotional period “Mad Marathon 2014″

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The dutch high-end department store “de Bijenkorf”  organizes a promotional period called “The Mad Marathon” , which lasts several days and takes place every year in the spring .  Both products in the range and unique products are offered at competitive prices during this promotional period. Also, the various Bijenkorf stores are open for a longer period of time and  specials events, called Mad Events , are in place including the opening game.

Opening game “Mad Marathon”

The Mad Marathon started on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 and opened in Amsterdam , The Hague and Rotterdam with the Mad Marathon game . Using the “Bijenkorf”-app allowing you to search for images of lotus flowers that are hidden in these three branches. When you scan the flowers using the app , you can win different prizes including an iPhone 4S , a Solis espresso machine and e -reader from Sony.

The game was played by scanning the clogged Lotus flower images. After scanning is immediately apparent that the player can win a prize or has to continue to look further. If a price is available  the player gets to choose whether they want to keep the price or return it. The player has 15 seconds for this reflection . If the player takes the price it can be picked up at the customer service. Spot verification is performed by scanning a special Customer Service Board.


Click on the images to enlarge them, then scan with the Layar app.
REMARK: The game is finished! Communication is in dutch.

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