POIZ – GEO layers

POIZ is a Layar Creation System (LCS), an online tool for compiling layers. With POIZ you can easily create a layer, with a maximum of freedom in the creation of form and content, without high development costs. Technical knowledge of layers is not necessary!

Limebizz has developed, in a strategic partnership with Zaphyrion, world’s first Layar Creation System called POIZ. This system can link information to geographical points of interest (POIs) via Layar and is suitable for use on Google Glass. No technical knowledge is necessary to develop a layer via POIZ including maintenance and testing. The information attached to POIs may include, among other things: videos, 2D/3D objects, links to websites, static information and much more. Detailed user statistics are standard options in order to create effective layers. Limebizz can assist you with the implementation of GEO layers and the coupling via Interactive Print.

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