Renault ZOE

POSTED IN Portfolio | TAGS : , , November 1 2013

The electric car is a new way of driving. No sounds or vibrations, the latest technologies and filling up gas belongs in the past. Renault wants to draw attention to electric driving with the Renault Zoe.  The car will be positioned in a different, revolutionary way by means of Layar technology. The newest ad of Renault in the dutch car magazine Autoweek is enhanced with a 3D model of the Zoe. This model, that can be viewed at all sides, shows both the exterior as the interior of this 100% electric car. Furthermore, a Facebook link is created with the possibility to to schedule an appointment to experience the Renault Zoe yourself.


Click on the image of the unfold page of the magazine to zoom and scan with the Layar-app. The best result is achieved if the image is printed and then scanned.

Watch the 3D model of Zoe!




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