TU/ecomotive introduces the modular car Nova

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The student team TU/ecomotive of the University of Technology Eindhoven have developed a modular car Nova. The public introduction of this car was during the AutoRAI. ┬áNova is a remarkable car, a lot of features are adjustable to the needs and wishes of the user (including changing the body panels and┬áthe exchangeable battery system). Supporting the introduction, Limebizz created a visual preview of the actual car. In a 3D model Nova is visible when scanning the flyer. During the AutoRAI Nova could be seen in ‘real size’ when scanning the banner on the floor.

For further information click the logo logo TUecomotive



Watch the video of the 3D model of Nova



Click in the image to enlarge and scan with the Junaio app.

The experience is even better when the image is printed and scanned from paper.Nova final

Nova thru junaio

The result after scanning


This is how Nova really looks like



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